Thursday, November 2, 2017

trench coats are back

Trench coats. The stylish classic piece of clothing never goes out of style. They simply look great! Throw them over with anything, and you look classy and stylish. With (rain) boots, sneakers, Chelseas, Oxfords, even heels. It has something mysterious. 
Rain, wind, autumn, dusk, city streets...
Something romantic, something unexpected. 
The trench is a movie star, for sure. 
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Thursday, March 16, 2017


I love these kind of 80s boots. you know the one, with the Edwarian look and the ribbons. And what is even better, is ...they are red! The color red is coming out big this season. Personally I have neglected the color, for quite a while. Now, I find myself looking for it again, to prep up my wardrobe. Retro/ Vintage style of course. These boots look fab with jeans and black blazer. Tres chic, very French. Or style them in the 'good girl'' with an edge look. With jeans, skirt or costume, Gothic, historic, or modern. Fashion is for play, and for you to express yourself.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Pinafore suspender dresses and a sort of order

This kind of dress, skirt, pants, with these lovely ''extensions '', I find very attractive on a women.  Isn't it a mixture of tomboy, wild country girl and sophisticated confident urban trend women?
Something quite playful, yet determined. 

A women can play with all kinds of moods. Nothing can ever finally define her. 
We are the play impersonated. As a female (and also as a male), we don't have to be only one mood, only one statement. We can change and play.
 It is said, that strength is to go foreward in a straight line, and be form and firm. I think that is a very male invention. An attempt to create a sort of order in a simple way and reduce unexpected spontaneous happenings.. A try to tame everything wild and unpredictable. 
But think, 
is life really like this? Is that really your experience? And what have been your results, whenever you tried it?
Isn't, life is whatever life wants to be. If it is one thing, for certain, it is never,
orderly. ( maybe it looks like that for a while, but than....)

No what has that to do with fashion? 
Nothing at all. Everything. 
Fashion is expression. So you decide.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Hawaii here I come

Tropical prints are hot tis season. In interior decor, as well as fashion. The 80s and 90s are back!

This vintage harem romper, with palm motive, really makes me think of white beaches sun and blue sky. No wonder it's so sought after much.

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