Friday, June 28, 2013

Sun salutation smoothie

Today the sun came out again after a week of cold and very rainy and clouded weather. I thought I celebrate that. Let's welcome the sun into my smoothie jar. 
After my morning Surya namaskar (sun salutation), I nourished my body and tastebuds, with this simple vegan smoothie. 

(all organic ingredients)
2 bananas
1 pear
slice of fresh ginger
a handful of Gojii berries ( leave some to sprinkle on the top)
fresh essence of one vanilla bean 
half a teaspoon of kurkuma spice ( super healthy) 2 teaspoons coconut flares

fill up with soy milk (or other (non)-dairy milk)
add some water (or ice cubes)
mix it up in your blender,

decorate ( if you like) with
2 leaves of fresh mint, and Gooji, cocunut flares

Just dance!

When days are dark (or light),....just dance, just do it, follow your flow :)
''We don't have to open ourselves up, we just have to stop resisting''

and this one gets me up to dance every time:)

Vegetable chips

Have you tried this? It is so good, and especially suited for a veggie/vegan diet, since it is full of good stuff your body needs. 
Vegetable chips!
Mangold (chard, silver beat), showered slightly in organic olive oil and than dried crisp, in the oven (for about 20-30 min). When they are ready just sprinkle some nice Himalayan or sea salt over them. Healthy and tasty snack Also works great with super food kale of course. hm mm...

Saturday, June 22, 2013

a song

Sometimes I get the strong urge to make a song. 
Somehow I just grab an instrument what ever I have available at the moment (and I really cant play), because I feel words and most of all sound waves bubbling up and through me. It is like a release of innocent supposed crimes, ( embarrassing the daytime self, IT gets overruled), an exploration of inner cries and things that hide from my superficial daytime functioning mind. It can never really fully understand what it all means anyway. It is not the instrument for translating what lies beyond.That is why spontaneous unthoughtful art poetry and music is a part of our lives. Without it we would maybe become machines. In giving myself up I surrender to being a complete unknowing idiot, why? Because I just love it touching me, extinguishing me, freeing me from me, creating that distance, birthing that wondering this unspeakable space where everything is possible and anything is welcome.


Bleak streak
the mind reeks
of innocent crimes
all the time
it reminds
and cries
It remembers and wines,
all the time, all its time
Quoting words of others,
questioning the times past, over, and gone
long time by
backwards and forwards,
stitching, trying to stitch it all together,
the ONE that can never be
a tapestry of

The media leakage

Do you sometimes feel insane, too, managing all the networks, promoting your shop, blog and so on? 
You think okay let's real quick check here and then there...and update this and that...comment here and like there. Then all the links and pics and info's start to attack you with interest and demands. You feel time leaking out of your veins like blood from an open wound, and you are seeking for a bandage but all you find is more sharp things. When you finally manage to rip yourself away from the machinery,
you feel exhausted. You think, let's do yoga, let's breathe again...but maybe you forgot the exact moves, and what better way then to go and take just a tiny quick look at oh well, u-tube to freshen your memory and get inspired by practising people smiling and breathing heavily and brightly...and you feel that itch again, you know you should not scratch the wound, 
you know better.....

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Hi there! I would like to tell you a bit more about myself and my business.

I started my Etsy shop a while ago, just for fun and the love for vintage and art. And also because I had an overflowing collection of vintage and artworks. I have produced a lot of artworks over the years and posted them all on flickr.  
After a while some suggestions and requests came, to sell my art. But I had not yet found the right platform,...until I found Etsy. It was time for me to offer my work in a sales context. Every artist needs some appreciation and recognition, and to have it in the form of sales that would also maybe pay some bills, would be even greater. 
Overcoming my fears of 'not being good enough', or 'why would the world need another artist or vintage seller' kind of theme, I discovered my inner business women, and just went ahead and got to work.
There I found that I love to shoot product photo's, and also to have the opportunity to shape my shop and give it a personal atmosphere.My business is now official, yeah! I am the proud owner of the small business ''Suitcase in Berlin''. It is exciting to see how it will all turn out next year, and if I will be able to continue. I am a professional and I love what I do! Still learning and exploring, hopefully that never ends. Thanks to all my customers and their support and beautiful feedback, so far. It is time to give back. Sooooo...
SUMMER SALE is online now ♥

Much love to you all!