Saturday, June 15, 2013


Hi there! I would like to tell you a bit more about myself and my business.

I started my Etsy shop a while ago, just for fun and the love for vintage and art. And also because I had an overflowing collection of vintage and artworks. I have produced a lot of artworks over the years and posted them all on flickr.  
After a while some suggestions and requests came, to sell my art. But I had not yet found the right platform,...until I found Etsy. It was time for me to offer my work in a sales context. Every artist needs some appreciation and recognition, and to have it in the form of sales that would also maybe pay some bills, would be even greater. 
Overcoming my fears of 'not being good enough', or 'why would the world need another artist or vintage seller' kind of theme, I discovered my inner business women, and just went ahead and got to work.
There I found that I love to shoot product photo's, and also to have the opportunity to shape my shop and give it a personal atmosphere.My business is now official, yeah! I am the proud owner of the small business ''Suitcase in Berlin''. It is exciting to see how it will all turn out next year, and if I will be able to continue. I am a professional and I love what I do! Still learning and exploring, hopefully that never ends. Thanks to all my customers and their support and beautiful feedback, so far. It is time to give back. Sooooo...
SUMMER SALE is online now ♥

Much love to you all! 

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