Saturday, June 22, 2013

The media leakage

Do you sometimes feel insane, too, managing all the networks, promoting your shop, blog and so on? 
You think okay let's real quick check here and then there...and update this and that...comment here and like there. Then all the links and pics and info's start to attack you with interest and demands. You feel time leaking out of your veins like blood from an open wound, and you are seeking for a bandage but all you find is more sharp things. When you finally manage to rip yourself away from the machinery,
you feel exhausted. You think, let's do yoga, let's breathe again...but maybe you forgot the exact moves, and what better way then to go and take just a tiny quick look at oh well, u-tube to freshen your memory and get inspired by practising people smiling and breathing heavily and brightly...and you feel that itch again, you know you should not scratch the wound, 
you know better.....

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