Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A day a fairytale

It all started with the sun waking me up in the morning. Shining brightly on my face. 
The best thing that can happen to you in the morning is, the sun kissing your face.

Still, coffee cannot be skipped,..I mean no matter what!

 I usually drink pure black coffee. Because I do like bitter taste. Green Matcha tea powder, also does the trick and is much healthier, but in the morning I prefer coffee.
This morning I made myself a fancy cup of cappuccino with fresh almond milk, Agave syrup, and sprinkled fresh cacao powder and cinnamon on it. That gave me a mellow start easing me into the day.

Thank you, winds of late summer, for the symphony of enchanting nature sounds. 
The song of the leaves in the trees dancing with the wind, is and will always be rapturing.


 Sitting down in the sultry meadow, becoming very quiet. 
Listening to life surrounding me, inside and outside, vanishing.

Tiny life crawling and reaching out towards the sun everywhere. 
Like me.

The path is the goal. 
It comes from nowhere. It goes nowhere.
I heard the wind whisper.


Friday, August 23, 2013

Just reading and thinking about desert

for desert:

raw vegan cookie dough
ooooh myyyy gooooosh!!!


chocolate powder
vanilla essence or powder
coconut flour
agave sirup
  cocos flakes

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How did this happen ?

Suddenly I have all these Dirndls in my shop. And I have many more in my home, that I am not ready to part with, yet. I am not even from the south of Germany, where the dirndl tradition is still strong. And I am not that big of a fan of Oktoberfest. But I just love the historic character, cut and good quality of these kind of dresses. They make you feel like you are in a historic movie. And I do love those.
Yesterday, I couldn't resist and bought some new ones, again. I told myself not to do that for a while, until I would sell a couple moreout of my shop. But I just cant resist, when I see a pretty one, I just have to have it. Than I swoon over it for a little while in my home, hanging it not in the closet but on the wall, on a pretty vintage hanger, and swear I will never sell it. Until the time comes, 
it is ready to go on a journey, it needs to explore the world, it wants to get out and meet a new lover. I have been selling all aroudn the world. Australia, Japan, USA, Sweden, France, Great Brittan, Russia, Germany, Afrika, Norway, Greece....Great! A bittersweet parting, but we gotta move on.♥

The Oracle


I love this guy! Nassim Haramein has many interesting videos on u-tube. If you are interested in stepping out of the narrow views of the world and the universe, that we have been tought, and long to discover how it all points right back at you and then into infinity, and breack through the lies and held back information of our history as humans, and much more, than you might ( if you have not already) check out, the inspired work of this scientist, with a big heart a natural kind of innocence and a great sense of humor.
It is time for us to open ourselves up, to what and who we really are.

The artwork /photography, is copyright  SuitcaseInBerlin. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lovely Traditions



Smoothie and desert

Making healthy green smoothies is fun, because you can experiment with ingredients and recipes. I never strictly made smoothies after recipes, because sometimes, you just don't have all the ingredients at home. Smoothies can be very simple and basic ( water, apple, banana, salad) or complicated and stuffed with good and fancy foods. 
I love to put extra so called super-foods to my smoothies, like Spirulina Chlorella or Weathgrass powders. And lately I add Moringa. I have never used it before and am curious about it's much praised and much researched health benefits. I must say that it gives the smoothies a sweet taste, which I like.

I feel I start to become more sensitive again, to what my body is asking for in terms of food. Since I started to leave out any dairy products and mostly choose gluten free products, I feel that my body asks for a lot less food. The food it gets, is so rich and beneficial, that I can feel my body becoming happy form the inside.

The occasional cravings for so called comfort-food are much less.
Enjoy your food!

 Recipe: smoothie
water, green salad, 1 apple, 1 banana, 1 carrot, 1 lemon ( juice), 1 teaspoon Moringa powder, 1 teaspoon OPC ( grapepitflour)
for decoration, a bit of popped amaranth and sprouts

Desert:raw blueberry cake
 I tried this recipe (German)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Playing with Atumn

I am not really ready for the great big fall, yet. Even though the fashion industry tries very hard. I love fall, dont get me wrong. But I just want to enjoy summer as much and long as it is possible. Berlin has really cold and icy winters. Not fun!
I still enjoy the green leaves, the fullness and abundance of nature everywhere. The warmth, the sun, the bright light. But I know I couldn't or ever would want to miss the change of seasons. It is a mystery and it puts you in touch with the mortal, also the ever renewing aspects of life.
There is a time for everything. A time for anticipation and growth. A time for flowering and abundance. A time for enjoying the fruits of the seasons. A time of letting go and retreat, back into simplicity and contemplation inner winter. Until, life sparks again and pushes to outside and the circle is round again.

Fashion can reflect that in a playful way. I love to play with images, styles, character, statements. It is like the art of self portrait in which you just explore the character and its many moods and aspect. Knowing that it is like a play, a theatre a drama, of your life, in which you play the main role. But you know deeper inside of yourself, that that is never who you really are. That what you truly are, can never be pinned down to an entity that has a name and a history.
Fashion is not what you are, it is like a character that you put on your body, and your body is not what you are, you wear your body. And who is that one that wears the body? The time to explore that question is non-seasonal, is always the right time, is always here and now.