Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A day a fairytale

It all started with the sun waking me up in the morning. Shining brightly on my face. 
The best thing that can happen to you in the morning is, the sun kissing your face.

Still, coffee cannot be skipped,..I mean no matter what!

 I usually drink pure black coffee. Because I do like bitter taste. Green Matcha tea powder, also does the trick and is much healthier, but in the morning I prefer coffee.
This morning I made myself a fancy cup of cappuccino with fresh almond milk, Agave syrup, and sprinkled fresh cacao powder and cinnamon on it. That gave me a mellow start easing me into the day.

Thank you, winds of late summer, for the symphony of enchanting nature sounds. 
The song of the leaves in the trees dancing with the wind, is and will always be rapturing.


 Sitting down in the sultry meadow, becoming very quiet. 
Listening to life surrounding me, inside and outside, vanishing.

Tiny life crawling and reaching out towards the sun everywhere. 
Like me.

The path is the goal. 
It comes from nowhere. It goes nowhere.
I heard the wind whisper.


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