Sunday, August 4, 2013

Breakfast slowfood

I love to make an easy all-in-one breakfast in the morning.
raw, nourishing,gluten free, saturating, vegan.

Self made almond milk
( take a hand full or less, almonds, put them in the jar, pour a bit of water on it, and grind with your hand held blender, then slowly pour more water on it and add more ingredients, like lecithin ( get it at your local drugstore like DM), a bit of Grapepitflour, and or some coconut flakes, some flaxseed.
add more water and 
to sweeten it pour in some Agave sirup,
then put in muesli
( I love to use gluten free, crunchy nut muesli)

you can play with this basic recipe and be creative.


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