Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How did this happen ?

Suddenly I have all these Dirndls in my shop. And I have many more in my home, that I am not ready to part with, yet. I am not even from the south of Germany, where the dirndl tradition is still strong. And I am not that big of a fan of Oktoberfest. But I just love the historic character, cut and good quality of these kind of dresses. They make you feel like you are in a historic movie. And I do love those.
Yesterday, I couldn't resist and bought some new ones, again. I told myself not to do that for a while, until I would sell a couple moreout of my shop. But I just cant resist, when I see a pretty one, I just have to have it. Than I swoon over it for a little while in my home, hanging it not in the closet but on the wall, on a pretty vintage hanger, and swear I will never sell it. Until the time comes, 
it is ready to go on a journey, it needs to explore the world, it wants to get out and meet a new lover. I have been selling all aroudn the world. Australia, Japan, USA, Sweden, France, Great Brittan, Russia, Germany, Afrika, Norway, Greece....Great! A bittersweet parting, but we gotta move on.♥

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