Saturday, August 17, 2013

Playing with Atumn

I am not really ready for the great big fall, yet. Even though the fashion industry tries very hard. I love fall, dont get me wrong. But I just want to enjoy summer as much and long as it is possible. Berlin has really cold and icy winters. Not fun!
I still enjoy the green leaves, the fullness and abundance of nature everywhere. The warmth, the sun, the bright light. But I know I couldn't or ever would want to miss the change of seasons. It is a mystery and it puts you in touch with the mortal, also the ever renewing aspects of life.
There is a time for everything. A time for anticipation and growth. A time for flowering and abundance. A time for enjoying the fruits of the seasons. A time of letting go and retreat, back into simplicity and contemplation inner winter. Until, life sparks again and pushes to outside and the circle is round again.

Fashion can reflect that in a playful way. I love to play with images, styles, character, statements. It is like the art of self portrait in which you just explore the character and its many moods and aspect. Knowing that it is like a play, a theatre a drama, of your life, in which you play the main role. But you know deeper inside of yourself, that that is never who you really are. That what you truly are, can never be pinned down to an entity that has a name and a history.
Fashion is not what you are, it is like a character that you put on your body, and your body is not what you are, you wear your body. And who is that one that wears the body? The time to explore that question is non-seasonal, is always the right time, is always here and now.



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