Thursday, August 8, 2013

The green Graeny

Summer in the city is always a bit of a challenge. It is hot, to hot. It is moist, and the air often feels like you could cut it into slices. Sleepless long nights. Listening to the thunder and the rain pouring down at night. Summer thunderstorms, I love them.
Cool off in one of the many lakes in, and around Berlin is badly needed. Crowded or not, it's that or the shower five times a day, or both.
What to wear, with this weather?
Cool and comfy is mostly my choice. Light fabrics, that absorb moisture, but will not soak to much and let you breathe. Viscose cotton mix or silk, I think is a great choice.
I love this green botanical dress. It proofed the exactly right garment. And it looks great, providing a positive optimistic mood.

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