Thursday, September 26, 2013

Chia fresh fig vanille Pudding

Pudding without milk? Yes! 
I learned this recipe and tryed it out and I really liked it. It has the consistency of pudding and tastes great. On top it is nourishing and healthy. 

You need: 
almonds, or almond milk
vanilla essence or powder
agave syrup
Chia seeds
and 2-3 fresh figs

Put the Chia seeds in water and let them soak, you can soak them throughout the night, or just a little while, if you decide to eat the pudding later, but at least 15 minutes)
They will swell and make the water thick.
Make some almond milk ( I make it the quick way, by just putting almonds and 1 or 2 dates or some agave syrup in a jar, add some water and blend them)
Or soak almonds throughout the night in water. Next day puree them and filter out the pulp. For sweetness, add some dates, or agave syrup.
Or take ready made organic almond milk. Peel the fresh figs and cut them into small pieces so that you can stirr them.
 Put it all in a jar, mix it and add some vanilla for flavor.

Simple or not?

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