Saturday, September 7, 2013

The universe is here


Hello, hello. I feel like saying very sensible things today, you know, 
meaningful and deeply thought in and through (many of) times,
but even after before there ever was the notion 
of a perception of even just a fraction of a thought,
bursting through slices of yet, unborn
 (but maybe it already dejavu-ed itself in past lives because of some kind of illusionary karma) dimensions. 
Multiple dimension are in fact, quite interesting, 
as a mirror it can sometimes also be observed not only in the macro cosmos, but in single tiny universes, presuming themselves to be separate from the other universes, in a fully
and in reality unified field of consciousness, where it is simply not possible 
to have anything existing separate and or outside it self.  
Where would it go? 
How can the whole step out of itself, ever?
The multiple cosmos syndrome. The dream of separation. Most of us suffer from this cosmic joke. Others of course enjoy it wide awake.
And all of us are awake even if asleep.
But lets not get to inventive, I 
only mean to represent and attempt to fully, understand
the tiny spark of life in the molecule that is really
in fact, responsible for all this, and when taken under further inspection, turns out to be no molecule at all. It is even tinier and tiniiiiier and what form does it end up with?
You already catch my drift. No form. What is form? It is space!
What is space? Space is ...
the final frontier, where we search for a singularity, to swoop us right back 
By By, caretaker!

 The photos obviously and clearly illustrate what I am talking about.

Note the stunning trick of the mind.

What you see is in the mirror is not me, it is not you,
 it is just
the computer screen.
I know, this illusion is really convincing. That is why I caputured it on an sd-card. 
It was an interesting experiment, with real scientific proof that can be repeated.  


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