Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Fresh laundred vintage hanging out to dry, getting ready to ship to their new owners. Maybe soon to be delivered to you by Drones?

packaging packaging. Little extra's packed with love.

This morning in my world:
Listening to Deutschlandradio Kultur: Topic's are all alarming (as per usual). Surveillance and killing drones taking over the world, global diminishing of freedom and privacy, mass surveillance, India going backwards, ....enough...couldn't listen to anymore.
Signed the petition.

Browsing a bit further on the doom course:
It seems that privacy is really already an outdated concept and will soon disappear from our vocabulary. Alternative news sources, telling a different story than the main media does.
I am thinking how amazing it is, that many years already I had a feeling that all this would be coming. Then is was still science fiction and said to be nothing more than a conspiracy theory. Look at us now!
The technologies are way ahead of what is presented to us. The most alarming thing i think is, that the change comes so fast and at the same time to sneaky. People get programmed and habituated to the robbing of their rights and freedom, by means of giving them technological toys and goodies, like children. Entertain them, feed them, move them constantly to consume, hypnotize them with bright colors, movies, glossy lifestyle lies, promises of a rich future...with even more things...all you have to do is give us your blood, genes, fingerprints lives and breath. It is better that We control it...for your own safety. All in the name of safety...and people buy it. As long as they can drift off into the virtual world of fantasy. 
Technology being controlled by implanted chips in your brain? hahah...oh wait...Google is already there. And dont forget that a chip in your body, might have your private code to acces it, so it is save and only you can use and controll it. Hahahaha! Yes, sure!
Is the Matrix already here? I still don't posses a smart phone and now I think I will wait a bit longer...and hope my old phone will hold out just a bit longer. I love all things vintage, so no problem. 
The next big thing is Drones! Soon we will not only have con(chem)trails clouding our sky's, but also massive fleets of drones. Drones delivering our post, orders, food...( the fun factor ( it's easy, it's fast, it's secure...)that needs to be told, to sell this to the public and create a massive acceptance and habituation of these new flying robots. But that these drones will also carry cameras and even weapon's, is something that is a bit harder to be sold. But after the fun factor the habituation is done, we will probably not mind and nobody will resist. It has become normal.  A couple of years ago, we joked about these scenarios, now they are here.

...all thoughts after coffee...I am starting to get a headache. 

Next thoughts: 
Should I post this here? Well, I just did.

Listening shuffle in my i-tunes library to:  Under Pressure, by David Bowie &Queen, Grace Jones : Strange I have seen that face before.

Wearing: All black today. 

Plans: Posting letter's, going shopping for food and tonight I need some Gl├╝hwein, braving the dark and wet weather outside, working on more photo's and listings and tending to my social media's. And tonight I will listen to Lisa Cains on Talks about awakening and the end of illusions.

The one thing I often hear about this is staments like this: 
''If you dont like it, don't do it'' 
Now, in fact this is what I am talking about. In order to preserve the funtionality and actuality of this thought, it is important to keep it from becoming a fantasy. The very essence of this implies something very valuable, something that we should always be able to take for granted, a basic human right and need. 
 Freedom of/and Choice!

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