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Interview with Suitcase in Berlin, aka Steph

Proud to report that Suitcase in Berlin Art&Vintage shop, has been interviewd and featured. You can read the article here



Much of the interview got cropped into a very nice readable and illustrated article.
This is the ful linterview.

Whats your background and what interests you as an artist?

It seems that I have been  interested in art expression and creating things for as long as I can remember.  Whether it was using drawing or collaging, movement music or film. Visuals or any sense perceptions are a great inspiration. I also have a rather sensitive naturell and have always been in direct contact with the unconscious and energetic side of the world and of beingness. 
Dreams visions and imaginations are a logical part of my world, like dwelling in other dimensions and realities. To me no reality is fixed. I think part of this is the result of a neccecary search and need for an alternative reality during my childhood, with all it's turmoil and unsteady challenging experiences. 
There is a very strong need for freedom and space in me, and that unleashed a constant search for both, that is still going on to this day
The endlessness of the sky above my head, the stars and the unknown is a constant inspiration and also a hope and reminder of our true nature. There is natural connectedness and at the same time there is a feeling of loss or separation. I think we always strive knowingly or unknowingly to get back to a feeling of oneness. Each of us takes a different path. As an artist I feel I have that freedom to explore anything. And what I love about it is that you discover again and again, that the act of creation can never be claimed to be ones own. It remains a deep mystery. 
One feels inspired touched surprised and blessed by it.
 I am not that much concerned with things that can be explained, even though I love to think and use my mind or explore thoughts and idea's of others. My art is exploring the self in it's many facets and emotional states. But what it really means I dont know. When I was younger I had a great fixation on trying to figure everything out, and knowing the meaning of it all. But I discovered the immense flexibility in meanings, and that there is just not one fixed reality. There are many views and concepts, many filters through wich life manifests and each has it's own relevance and truth. So what is my truth, who am I? I used to try and find that in something fixed, something steady. Now more and more, I let go of the idea of being a fixed person. One sort of charackter. I am learning to let life flow thorugh me more, and censor it's expression through me less.

It is the mystery that interests me, and the possibility's of it being manifest in whatever form. 
The flow of inspiration, how it comes about, how music, compositions or inventions come into this world is just beyond the human capacity of comprehending. I think it is good. Thoughts and words are just to small and to silly to name something this big...there we go

Why are you selling Vintage/ used clothing? What is your personal relation to second hand fashion? How do you choose your items?

Make believe dressing up, theatre, channeling moods and episodes in human history is something that has been with me since childhood. I can remember buying vintage clothes as a young girl. Than it was called second hand. I was just in pure amazement every time I got my hands on something old, from a different time. Hoping it would transfer some kind of energy to me that was not of my time. In my heart I am a time traveler and a a deeply emotional being, which expresses it self very much in my art.  

Environmental awareness urges me to contribute to a healthier way of life and consuming behavior. 
We all know what is going on, and to many of us look away, in order to keep our comforts. Do we really need that new phone or the ''coffee to go'' plastic cup? What happens with all the waste, and what about the ways it was produced?  
My love for fashion has nothing to do with the industry, on the contrary. Still I love clothes, fabrics and quality, and I love inventive and good photography. That is how I choose my items. When I see something I have to be inspired by it. Choosing my item depending on quality and style, apart from that I am an intuitive thrifter. I think that is good because that way I can leave the thinking mind behind, and let the muses take over. That way it becomes a mixture of work and pleasure

oil on canva

Which people influenced or influence you the most. Artists? Music? Designers? Films or filmmakers?
Anything that moves my heart can be inspirational. People that are genuinely authentic artists are always great inspirations. It can be something big like a movie, or soomething small like just a word that I heard.
Favorites change according to the phases of my life. There are really to many to name here, but what I can say is that I am very diverse in my interests and not fixed on anything. The last movie that moved me deeply was Melancholia (Lars van Trier). I love the humor and warmth of Wes Anderson movies. I have grew up with Kate Bush and Tori Amos music, I love classic music, too. I attempt to make music myself, which is more like avandgarde expression, than music, haha. But I can use peoms/text and soundwaves. This comment that I received from my music page is really nice:

"Hello! I've been listening to a lot of your music and I love it so much! I was just wondering how you create it, instrumentation, software, what inspires you etc. I am so intrigued! I love how experimental and avant-garde your sounds are, it's pure art! "

Music is such a high form of art. It is so directly connected with what we are. Frequencies, sound.
Nada Brahma, the world is sound.


What's your relationship and your opinion on the Internet? How do you use it the most? Why is amazing what is annoying or dangerous about it?

The Internet is fantastic. I think it has changed our life's so much. Knowledge is now accessible to anyone in an instant. When I was younger and without Internet I remember how every piece of information about your favorite star, was so precious and valuable. I remember buying my first Kate Bush record, yes on vinyl! and how excited I was about getting not only some never heard before tracks but also a great piece of art (the front cover). This kind of preciousness I doubt is something that has survived. Can we still listen to something with our hearts and allow ourselves to be carried away into the unknown, or do we already crave for the next thing, do we need everything to be presented in ready made one-time-use fantasies? It is not wrong or right, but it does something with our brains and hearts if we think about it.

What do you like about ReFash?
Refash is a great concept. I make an extra effort with my fashion photo's, because I cant help it. Sometimes it seems that a piece of cloth channels me into a certain behavior in front of the camera. With Refash I love the possibility of presenting my work on a platform that focuses on the creative and possibly idiosyncratic aspects of fashion. I love to find out about other sellers and am curious what they come up with next. It's a young and growing project and I love to be part of it. Thank you for inviting me! Good luck!


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