Suitcase in Berlin is a creative one-woman show from, yes, duh:) Berlin! Behind the project stands Steph, a trained multidisciplinary artist, a Vintage enthusiast and an intuitive thrifter, as she describes herself. As a seller of vintage clothing and as a creative, Steph is a truly perfect ambassador to the concept of ReFash. As an artist working mainly in the field of photography, the pictures that she creates for her shop: Suitcase in Berlin, are so much more then just product pics of old clothes offered for sale. They are represantations of Stephs personal ideas about fashion and styling and at the same time expressions of her self explorations as an artist and sensitive human being.
“Make believe dressing up, theatre, channeling moods and episodes in human history is something that has been with me since childhood. My art is exploring the self in it’s many facets and emotional states.”
Steph doesn’t sell Vintage fashion by accident, she is an example of someone truly fascinated by the history, the potential and energy of old garments. In that sense her listings don’t simply offer a piece of clothing, the dreamy pictures and set ups that Steph creates, always posing and shooting herself,  offer stories and feeling, they trigger our imagination or kidnap us to an unknown memory or future.
“In my heart I am a timetraveler and a deeply emotional being, which expresses it self very much in my art. I have a big imagination and love to dwell in other dimensions and realities.”
The women puts herself theatrically in front of her lens. She acts, she explores, she pretends and she keeps visual track of her journey. She dresses up and tries out the new identities that fashion has to offer. Sometimes by adding a playful, even childish layer to her images the artist emphasizes the element of play and of imagined worlds that comes with fashion. The trench coat series reminds me of a Gondry set. This setting is clearly made up, we know that this is just pretend play of rain and weather.

“I let go of the idea of being a fixed person. It is the mystery that interests me, and the possiblitly of it being manifest in whatever form. To me no reality is fixed.”
I’m tempted to read her approach as an ironic commentary of the nature of fashion itself. Clothes, like toys are tools that help you to play  with your identity. You can be someone else, for an evening or a moment. Steph captures the potential of clothes to take us somewhere else, to emphasize an aspect of ourselves that needs that kind of hat, or coat or dress to come out. And this is the reason for which ReFash exists. So we can show each other what is possible with fashion. To tell a story or to show a glimpse of a daydream, to catch our attention and help us see new potential in “old” pieces.
All pictures by Steph (Suitcase in Berlin), check out her vintage selecetion on ReFash and her photography on flickr!

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